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19 years of experience

Created in May 2000, Mobility is the first and only Brazilian company specialized in the rental of vehicles in Brazil and abroad, maintaining contracts with the main rental companies in the world.

We offer the comparison of rates and conditions in more than 190 countries, always guaranteeing the best options in the market.

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Being the best option for travel agencies and companies in the process of booking car rentals in Brazil and abroad.


To be a market leader in a highly dynamic and highly transformative segment focused on profitability, the company’s financial health and technological innovations with our internal and external partners.


Innovation: research, test, travel, move around the world’s roads looking for modern, technological and efficient solutions.

Relationship: create lasting and trustful relationships with our employees, partners and customers.

Respect: have transparent and documented procedures in accordance with laws, deadlines and contracts.

Commitment: focus on results, since our creation we have gathered committed people of body and soul, committed in helping our clients all over the world.

Customer Satisfaction: It is the reason for the existence of our business. 

We are specialists

Our team is ready to meet your needs.

We work hard to be recognized as “experts” in car rentals and we know that in every contact of our clients we have to give, in a short time, special offers providing advice for the accomplishment of great deals.

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Check out some of the opinions of those who use and recommends Mobility.

Selma Travel agent

For us Mobility is a super partner company! Our professional relationship is highly respected. Fast and efficient return, and a team of educated and well-trained employees. What for us is very important.

Romy Travel agent

Mobility launched in 2017 the portal super friendly. When calling, the highly qualified team, who knows everything, gives personalized service. This doesn’t exists in any other headquarters. The price is unbeatable and interest free installment is done on practical link. And the luxury cars of Mobility "S"? It means "unsurpassed", "no competition", door-to-door delivery! To summarize: MOBILITY is the true partner of the travel agent! I recommend it to my clients!

Newton Vieira Alamo Representative

For us at Enterprise Holdings it is an honor to be part of the group of suppliers used by Mobility. Without any exaggeration you have no idea how they helped us to become what we are today in Brazil. I wish many more years to come.

Felipe Gonçalves Travel agent

We had a situation which a client who was in Florida, had lost the flight to Los Angeles and needed a car to continue to Las Vegas. I contacted the emergency department of Mobility because the customer wanted many specific requirements for the car and to effectuate the reservation was very complicated, it took about 2 hours. However, we ended up resolving. The next day, the client canceled the reservation because he had gotten a new last-minute flight. Summary of the story: for being in a critical period, I believe that our partnership with Mobility was crucial to solve the problem. It is a guarantee that it is possible to deliver the best product to the customer.

Alan Rodrigues Travel agent

Mobility always helps us in every case. We had a passenger who rented a car in Europe and when he returned to Brazil there were several erroneous charges on our customer's card. I and the passenger contacted the rental company in Europe and it informed that the charges would be due and put the case as closed. Mobility was determined to verify the most viable solution to the client and was able to solve it in a super satisfactory way. Most importantly we have competent partners who are ready to help and especially put our client in first place.

Afonso Zimmermann Travel agent

The Mobility service is excellent and 2018 is sure to be another great year regarding to our partnership. Thank you for the support that is always of the utmost importance to us as travel agents.

Adriana Casimiro Travel agent

Mobility always attended me with a lot of attention and affection, and a great team! Our partnership is old, precisely because they really are partners, and always look for a way to offer the best options for my passengers, whether in Brazil or abroad! Thank you very much for the permanent attention and affection!

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